The Energy Necklace
The Energy Necklace

The Energy Necklace

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  • Honey Jasper
  • Coral silk
  • Gold plated brass spring ring
  • 20" L
  • Handmade in NYC

Honey Jasper is a solar plexus chakra stone that gently amplifies your energy during the challenges of change. It is a stone of higher consciousness and assists in strengthening your memory and intellect. This is a soft, gentle, buttery stone that helps you to feel strong and safe in social settings. It also helps you ward off negative energies and provides protection during travel. 

Honey Jasper is a joyous stone. Wear it on days when you need a lift or are focusing on being positive.

While it shares similarities with Yellow Jasper, Honey Jasper is a more translucent variety with gentler energy.

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